Grand Isle Pasta
City: Grand Isle, VT,
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About Us
Vibrant Artisanal Pasta Inspired by Local Ingredients. Created with the Unique Traditions of Italy. The Best Flavor Experience

Our vegetable pastas are made with local seasonal vegetables, herbs, and fruits blended with semolina and durum flour. We partner with Grand Isle County Farms to source our fresh ingredients. These farms include Darby Farm, Pomykala Farm, and Savage Gardens.

We create simple, flavorful artisanal pastas with tools imported from Italy. We extrude the pasta through brass plates, which creates a coarse textured pasta that carries sauces well. The duram flour help the pasta keep an al dente texture when cooked. We dry the pastas with a slow, multi-step process so that is retains the nutrients and flavors of the high quality ingredients we use.

The brass plates, fresh vegetables, and range of flours give our pasta a unique and creative taste. They are delicious, and perfect for the simplest preparations of olive oil and garlic to the most intricate dishes.