Pete's Greens
City: Craftsbury, VT,
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About Us
Pete’s Greens is a certified organic, four season vegetable farm located on the edge of Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom in Craftsbury, VT. We believe whole-heartedly that as more Vermonters eat locally, we will become healthier as communities and as individuals. That is why we grow a wide range of organic produce that is available through our weekly food delivery program, our seasonal Craftsbury Farmstand, and at restaurants, co-ops, grocery stores, schools, and more across Vermont and nearby in New England. By deciding to eat locally you support thousands of small producers such as creameries, cheesemakers, slaughterhouses, butchers, bakeries, sauerkraut makers, and of course vegetable farmers. Foods grown locally and in-season are also more nutritious and taste better, and eating them connects us to our place and to our present time of year. Local food production is interesting work that makes a great career and creates a fine quality of life here in Vermont, keeping our agricultural economy an important part of our culture. And, by supporting local producers, you invest your food dollars directly into your community.

We grow about 200 varieties of vegetables on over 300 acres of land. Our selection of organic produce includes all your standards as well as interesting and unique specialty vegetables with an emphasis on baby greens, heirloom tomatoes, and root crops.
Certified Organic