Atlantic Sea Farms
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About Us
Good food should do good. At Atlantic Sea Farms, our kelp is never dried, never dyed, and is grown at home. We are dedicated to making a powerful and positive impact on the health of our customers and oceans by creating craveable and innovative products made from sustainably farmed sea greens, all while expanding opportunities for Maine's fishing communities.

Our founders created the first commercially viable seaweed farm in the United States in 2009, with the goal of diversifying how our coastal waters are used and providing a domestic, fresh, healthy alternative to imported seaweed products. Here in Maine, climate change is already making landfall, and our future depends on finding new ways for lobster fishermen to work on the water while improving the health of our oceans. Because we freeze rather than dry our kelp, it is mild in flavor, retains its vibrant green color, and has just the right texture.

Over 98% of the edible seaweed on the market is grown in Asia. Some of this product is grown in compromised water with little or no environmental oversight or batch testing for quality and safety. When it comes into the U.S., it is then sometimes re-hydrated and dyed with some pretty nasty stuff. That’s not good enough for us, especially when we know we can do it better right here in our clean, cold home waters of Maine with fresh, undried kelp that tastes the way it should - naturally.

Our delicious Ready-Cut Kelp and Kelp Cubes have been enjoyed in restaurants, schools, and smoothie shops since our first harvest.

But after years of hearing requests from home cooks, healthy living enthusiasts, and just about anyone who wants to trust their food, we decided it was time to bring our kelp to your kitchen. By making easy-to-cook-with kelp available, as well as creating innovative new products that help kelp shine in new ways (have you tried our SeaChi yet?), we’re creating a sea change in how we all enjoy the Virtuous Vegetable at home.

Whether you’re dining out or eating in, we want everyone to enjoy delicious kelp grown in the clean, cold waters of Maine.