Simple Gifts Farm
City: North Amherst, MA,
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About Us
To healthfully nourish our customers and our land, we grow our produce organically and sustainably. All of our crops are certified by Baystate Organic Certifiers. We plant organic seeds, control weeds and insects exclusively through organic methods, and maintain at least 50 feet between our fields and any that use non-organic pesticides. We build soil fertility by rotating the land between tillage agriculture and forage crop grazing for our livestock. Before rotating back to produce, we plow in cover crops, mulch, and compost, then wait until the soil is ready. Limited use of rock powders and organic fertilizers corrects soil imbalances so that our produce has all it needs to grow rich in minerals and nutrients.

In addition to reducing fossil fuel consumption by selling our produce and meat locally, we are working toward reducing the carbon footprint of the farm. In 2007, we installed a zero-fossil-fuels greenhouse to grow transplants and extend the season of many crops. It is heated by a boiler burning wood pellets, and by a solar hot-water system. In 2010, we installed a 9.8 kW photovoltaic array that produces much of the electricity needed to power our walk-in cooler and irrigation pump. We also have a team of oxen who are fueled by grass or hay rather than fossil fuels.