Emmet Van Driesche
City: Conway, MA,
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About Us
Born and raised in western Massachusetts, I worked on sailing ships for a number of years during and after college, an experience that continues to shape me to this day. After meeting my wife while working on a schooner in Maine, we chose to return to the Pioneer Valley, where we had both grown up, in order to raise our daughters near our parents.

In 2009, we took over the management of a 60-year-old coppiced Christmas tree farm (? in Ashfield. In 2015 we bought a house ten minutes from our farm, in the village of Conway.

When I'm not working on the tree farm or editing scientific manuscripts (, I spend my time carving spoons and teaching both spoon carving and scything. My work is deeply embedded in the importance of physical work, an ability to use my hands and a Yankee sense of practicality. I do these things because I believe them to be important, both for now and for the future.