Hawthorne Valley Farm
City: Ghent, NY,
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About Us
Hawthorne Valley Farm (est. 1972) is a diversified, 900-acre Demeter certified 650A Biodynamic® farm (Demeter remains the oldest ecological certification organization in the world) in upstate New York. Our farm is also USDA certified organic and Animal Welfare Approved. Learn more about these certifications here.

By definition, Biodynamic is a comprehensive form of organic farming that heals the planet through regenerative agriculture.

Sustainable farming means healthy farms. Biodynamic farming is a regenerative approach that emphasizes self-sustainability.
Wholesome food means healthy people. Biodynamic farmers never use GMOs, synthetic chemicals, fertilizers or pesticides.
Holistic stewardship means a healthy planet. Biodynamic farms integrate plants, animals, water, air and soil into a regulating ecosystem.