Laughing Child Farm
City: Pawlet, VT,
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About Us
With an emphasis on caring for the land, we are an organic farm. It’s important to us that the land is healthy, so that our crop is healthy. Plus, we want to be sure that when our kids are digging around in the dirt with us, they aren’t being exposed to stuff they don’t need to be (ya know, like Twitter.)

The four younger farmers, the laughing children... namesakes of the farm… reason we keep on doin’ what we do…

Our four children work as hard as we do, just in different ways on different days. For instance, you can find them chopping wood to keep the fires burning, or helping with boxing and labeling, or baking pies to sell in our farm stand. No matter what they are doing, eventually, you’ll hear them laughing (and probably see them dancing.)

The other two farmers: a little older, a little grayer, a lot sweeter…

Timothy has been farming in some way since he was a kid. He’s the main mule in the barn and fields. Whether is he is on a tractor or running the roads delivering sweets, his mind is always working on ways to make things more efficient on the farm. He’s who you want on your side in the zombie apocalypse.

Brooke does many of the behind-the-scenes jobs for the farm, as well as take care of the Hughes-Muse day-to-day life, and her own biz: Tree Song Vermont. She keeps track of orders, bagging, communication (as long as it’s email, of course), and anything and everything else.

The one who gets it done in the mean time…

Josh has been working for us full-time since 2020. Prior to that, he was one of our consistent crew workers, showing up early for shifts and getting the job done - whatever it ended up being. We are psyched to have him on our LCF team. He is a dependable worker, peels a mean sweet potato, and can help wash a bin in minutes. He’s kind to the kiddos, is a GMC alumnus, and deals with Timothy’s music choices. If you stop by unexpectedly, he’ll probably be the one you scare when you walk into the barn.
Certified Organic