Pioneer Valley Popcorn
City: Colrain, MA,
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About Us
Welcome to Pioneer Valley Popcorn. We are the Hager and Stevens Family. We hope you have as much fun eating our popcorn as we do making it.

Pioneer Valley Popcorn is a delicious non-GMO white low hull popcorn grown the Valley and was purchased by Hager's Farm Market in January 2016.

We produce a diverse assortment of quality agricultural food products and specialize in offering a large variety of local food and gift items.

At our farmstand in Shelburne, Massachusetts (across from Shelburne Falls Coffee Roasters), we sell a variety of maple products including maple sugar, candy, granulated sugar, cream, coated peanuts, jelly, and maple syrup. We also sell our own beef, pork, chicken, fresh bread, spices, local beer and wine, produce and gift items at the farm stand. Oh, and we sell ice cream (including maple ice cream – yum!) at the window.

We tap 13,000 maple taps. Our grass-fed beef comes from our herd of Hereford cattle grazed on our green pastures. We do not use growth hormones and make our animal health and comfort a top priority.